Can you pair more than one Bluetooth speaker?

Yes – all you have to do is add a second Google Home/Chromecast built-in or Chromecast Audio-connected speaker in a group and you’ll automatically enable multi-room audio, voice-controlled by the Google Home smart speaker.

So, you can walk from room to room and they’ll all play the same thing so that you don’t miss a melody or word of your podcast.

The tricky thing here is that it’s the Google Home smart speaker that you add to the multi-room group, not a Bluetooth speaker. It is possible to connect Wi-Fi and Bluetooth speakers around the house, though.

To create a group, simply open the Google Home app and tap ‘Add’, which you’ll see in the control dock at the top of the Home screen.

Then select ‘Create speaker group’. You’ll be able to select the speakers you want before giving the group a name.

Then you can voice control all speakers with one command. So long as the Bluetooth speaker is paired to the Google Home, it will be added to the group.


Google Home Bluetooth: Correct the group delay

If you’re having an issue with latency, you’re able to easily troubleshoot the problem.

You might need to adjust for the playback delay on the Bluetooth or Chromecast Audio speaker/s if you hear a substantial delay regularly.

To do this, you need to correct the speaker individually. So, select the offending speaker from the home screen, tap the cog icon, then select ‘Group delay correction’.

You need to then play music on the problem speaker and a speaker with no delay, at similar volume then move the slider left and right to correct the delay (Google recommends to always increase the correction for the speaker that plays last not the other way round).

That will then be applied to all the speakers in the group.

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