Transfer photos to a Google Home Smart Display


Using Google Photos and Live Albums, you can use the Smart Display’s ambient mode to turn your device into a digital photo frame or a portal to view your photos from. When setting up an album, know that each one can hold up to 10,000 photos.


The first step is downloading and signing into Google Photos, whether you’re on iOS or Android. From there, follow the steps below to transfer photos. 

1. Open the Google Photos app.

2. Go to Albums > New album to create a new album, or choose an existing album from your collection. If you choose to create a new album,        you’ll be asked to select individual photos or automatically add photos.

3. Once you’re happy with the album, save it under an album name and follow the next set of steps.

View photos on a Smart Display

1. Go to the Google Home app.

2. From the Home app’s main screen, select your Smart Display.

3. Scroll down to Photo Frame, tap and then tap again on Google Photos.

4. Select the album(s) you want to show on the Smart Display.

5. In this menu, you can also toggle whether you want the weather, current time, personal photo data, portrait photos and photo curation to appear, as well as selecting slideshow speed.

6. You can also choose to share ‘Live albums’ from Google Photos with your family and friends from this screen too – so their Nest Hub or Smart Display can be automatically uploaded with your new photos.

You can also adjust your Photo Frame settings on the device itself, just say “OkayGoogle, change photo frame”to get started.

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