Simpler Daily Routines



Smart home devices can work together to make the morning a little brighter. Linking together smart hubs and accessories takes only a few minutes, and you reap the benefits long after. Older adults can program devices according to their preferences and schedule, from setting medicine reminders to lighting dim hallways.




Hands-Free Control



Conditions like arthritis can make it painful to press buttons or adjust dials. Investing in smart tech devices and automation with hands-free or voice control makes daily tasks less draining.




Smart Speakers and Virtual Assistants



Google Home smart speakers are more than just clever hunks of plastic. They can act as their own smart hubs, connecting tons of devices throughout the house. Virtual assistants (think Alexa and Siri) are helpful voices inside that can speak to older adults and follow commands with a simple, “Hey Google.” Smart speakers offer plenty of uses:




Smarter Safety and Security

  • Set reminders for appointments and meds
  • Call loved ones and caregivers
  • Answer questions
  • Share recipes
  • Play music, audiobooks, and the news
  • Activate smart devices




Smart Locks and Sensors



Smart door locks keep your front door secure whether you’re home or away. Most link to an app on your phone that shows the lock’s status, so you can lock and unlock the door while you’re out of the house. These can come in handy for older adults who may lose their keys often or forget to lock and unlock the door. You can add authorized users for regular visitors like at-home nurses, spouses, or other caregivers. These users can also lock, unlock, and check the door’s status using tools like apps, keypads, Bluetooth tech, or other keyless methods.




Cleaner, More Comfortable Home



For some older adults, keeping up the house can become a challenge. We’ve found a few smart home devices that make aging in the home much easier, cleaner, and more comfortable.



Robot Vacuums – may seems futuristic, but they’re nothing new. These smart gadgets clean, sweep and suck up debris from tile, hardwood floors, and carpet without you needing to lift a finger. They have onboard sensors that can tell where walls and stairs are, so they can avoid obstacles and keep up their pace.



Smart Thermostats – It’s easy for us in Singapore, just get an IR universal controller and link it up with your Google Home and mobile phone and you can either voice control it or control it with your mobile phone. you don’t need to get up to turn on the air conditioning or heat. Just like other smart home devices, these clever gadgets can be controlled with your voice or through an app on your phone. The best part is, they can save you money on your monthly energy bill.

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